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The Protection Shield is a minority owned company that offers a comprehensive, durable, and water-resistant automobile protection system.

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Grady King, CEO

The Protection Shield



The Protection Shield is a series of panels that can be wrapped around a vehicle to prevent scratches and damages while also supporting a sports team or advertising for businesses and/or charitable causes.

FIGURE 1 Shows the device by itself.
FIGURES 2-3 Show transparent views of the device wrapped around a vehicle
.FIGURES 4-5 Show diagrams of the device.
To learn more and see how the shield works watch our information video above.

Purpose of the Invention

• Protects a vehicle from dents and scratches that occur in public parking lots, tight spaces, or when parked on the street.
• Prevents drivers from having to spend extra time and money repairing damages to their vehicle.
• Enables personalization for people to show support for their favorite collegiate and professional sports team or athletic program.
• Allows individuals to advertise businesses and/or charitable causes
• Eliminates the hassle associated with trying to paint or touch-up scratches at home.
• Can be quick and easy to install and neatly stacked and stored away when not in use.

Problems Solved by the Invention

Many drivers accidently hit or damage other vehicles when parking, opening up their car door, or navigating a shopping cart. These damages may seem minor, but they can be costly and time consuming to repair.  

Detailed Description

The Protection Shield provides people with an easy and convenient way to protect their vehicles from minor damage when parked in a public spot. This innovative product may comprise a set of eight magnetic, all-weather panels, made from dense, shock-absorbent foam or other suitable material, linked together by a flexible cable. The cable can be threaded through the back of the panels, so that people may position the panels around the car as needed for maximum protection. Hook-and-loop fasteners or clasps may be attached to each end of the cable, allowing people to wrap the device around a vehicle and then secure the ends inside the vehicle.

The front of the panels can be decorated and personalized with sports team logos, mascots, or advertisements for businesses and charitable causes. They may be offered in a variety of designs to suit user preference. The exact specifications may vary upon manufacturing.

Want to learn more about The Protection Shield. Visit our video above.

The Protection Shield